Points & Miles Coaching

Why you need this service?

  1. You would like to learn how to easily earn points/miles for FREE travel from the comfort of your own home.
  2. You have some points/miles although are not maximizing the potential to earn hundreds of thousands more on an annual basis.
  3. You have points/miles and don’t don’t know how to efficiently redeem them for travel.
  4. You have a trip or multiple trips in mind that you would like to use points/miles on, but aren’t sure which points and miles programs to focus on.
  5. You don’t know how to transfer points between your card(s) and frequent flier programs in order to redeem more efficiently and diversify your flying and hotel staying potential.

Why we’re experts?

  1. Lauren and Jay personally fly over 300,000 miles a year primarily using points and miles.
  2. Since 2009 we’ve visited over 100 countries, utilizing points and miles to reach over half.
  3. Since 2009 we’ve redeemed over 5 Million points and miles for free travel.
  4. We’ve coached and trained customers who have earned over 20 million points and miles, without having to actually fly or stay in a hotel.
  5. We’re elite level members of many loyalty programs and know the ins and outs to maximize points and miles usage. A few of our memberships:
    • American Airlines – Executive Platinum (Top Tier)
    • Marriott – Platinum (Top Tier)
    • Hilton – Diamond (Top Tier)
    • Starwood – Gold (2nd to Top Tier)
    • Club Carlson Hotels – Gold (2nd to Top Tier)
      and more…

What we’re offering:

  1. Free consultation to see if our services are right for you. Meet with you 1-on-1 via Skype or phone and review your current points & miles accounts (if any) and desired future travel over the next year.
  2. Create a plan to earn the required points & miles to meet your travel plans over the next year. Points & Miles are like foreign currencies. If you want to travel to different destinations we need to ensure you the right mix of Points & Miles for redeeming free flights and hotels to your desired destinations.
  3. Unlimited consulting on obtaining and redeeming points and miles for an entire year. Access to the information which took us over 6 years to acquire.
  4. We guarantee the ability to earn two or more round-trip international flights, without ever having to step on a plane. Thousands of dollars worth of Free travel.
  5. How to redeem points and miles most efficiently and which programs to use for specific destinations. The biggest mistake people make is not knowing how to redeem their points and miles efficiently- wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.
  6. Tutorial videos demonstrating how to redeems these points and miles. We walk you through actual examples of redeeming points and miles from “log-in” to purchase.
  7. Unlimited email support. As questions arise, you will have unlimited access to us for your Trip Coaching and redemption needs.

How to get started:

Still have questions? Email us to set up your free consultation: info@tripcoaching.com

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Isabelle Carbonell

Isabelle Carbonell

The first time you fly a $6,000 business class flight for FREE from Buenos Aires to the US, you’ll get hooked. I had the good fortune to have Jay as my mentor and boy did I profit from his advice. I had a regular faraway destination, I flew – Uruguay – which cost me anywhere ...

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