Jay is a wealth of information when it comes to traveling; both with exploring random places and how to budget on any trip, wherever you are. He’s usually my go-to for recommendations whenever I jetset off and I always trust what he says. I’ve known Jay for about 5 years and he has given me much insight on flight deals and his travel lifestyle has inspired me to travel more on a whim. Jay is also well networked in different parts of the world and I don’t think there’s been a place I’ve been to where he doesn’t know someone. If you are looking for a local experience, he can connect you to great people around the world. I definitely would recommend Trip Coaching to help plan your next trip as you will have different experiences than relying on TripAdvisor or tour guides.

Helen Vo

Trip Coaching helped me plan a getaway trip in less than 2 weeks to Belize, as I was too busy with work and other responsibilities to properly and cost-effectively plan it myself. I knew I wanted to go somewhere tropical, somewhere international, yet somewhere not too far from the states given the travel time I had. Trip Coaching helped me figure out the right place to travel to that fit my interests and budget. Jay was able to quickly plan out an itinerary with options to choose from based on the criteria I wanted and the type of traveler I am. My girlfriend and I followed the recommended itinerary and had one of the most enjoyable week of our lives. Our recommended lodging was located in the perfect location and at a reasonable price, and the activities Jay recommended made our trip even more memorable. I even recouped the cost of Trip Coaching’s services based on some recommendations and tips that were given. I would recommend Trip Coaching for anyone that is too busy to do travel research, wants to get the best value out of their travel, or desires to have an experienced traveler provide pointers on how to make their travel experience the best it could be.

Clara Lim

Thanks to the advice we received from Jay Moore at Trip Coaching, Alison & I were able to earn enough miles to fly to Maui, then Kauai and home for free. Not only that, the points we’ve earned are going to be redeemed for free hotel nights on both islands! With some subtle changes to how & when we made purchases, we’ve practically earned a free two-week vacation (not including meals) saving us upward of $2,000. We’re looking forward to this vacation as we earn miles/points for the next! Thanks Jay!

Sam & Allison Wenger

My girlfriend and I had a short window to plan a one-week trip to Cambodia and wanted to combine relaxation and adventure. Jay Moore and the team at Trip Coaching drew on their personal experience to help us plan an incredible vacation that combined must-see tourist destinations with unique, off-the-beaten path experiences. Now, they’re helping us plan our next trip: the Philippines!

Chris Neumann

Lauren’s avid love for travel, and accomplished savvy for finding travel deals and hidden locations to explore, makes her advice and guidance an invaluable asset to any traveller

Rich Hanlon

Lauren, I took your advice and completely changed our itinerary. We also took you up on the Maya Bay camping trip. It was absolutely PHENOMENAL. Weather could not have been better and you can’t beat sleeping on that beach! You definitely steered us in the right direction and I can’t thank you enough for making our trip that much more memorable.

Adam Wolbarst

Lauren provided customized trip recommendations for my trips to Southeast Asia and South America. She knew all the best destinations to go to, all the best hostels to stay at and how to get around… all at an affordable price! Because of her vast traveling experiences, she knew about remote locations that I would have never found on a large travel site. I’ve had the best times on my trips and I couldn’t have done it without the helpful planning and recommendations. Thanks for everything!

Zach Conn

I didn’t know where to start when I decided to backpack Thailand solo. Thank god that I met Lauren. She set me up with an amazing itinerary of Thailand; including, but not limited to, rock climbing in Railay Beach, full moon parties on Koh Phi Phi, scootering around in Pai, and the lantern festival in Chiang Mai. I would definitely recommend her services for any trips that you have in mind. She has been around the world and can offer great advice to fellow adventurers! Thanks again Lauren!

Bobby Sunner

I had such an amazing time in Bali and Thailand, and it was all made possible from the amazing tips Lauren gave me. I first used Lauren when I was planning my trip to Thailand with my dad and sister. She told us the must sees in Thailand. We went to Bangkok, Ko Phi Phi, and Chiang Mai. This was our first trip internationally so she taught us the best ways to withdrawal money, tips on how to handle the locals and not to get ripped off, best markets to visit, and sites to see. We had such a great time! Since Lauren did such an amazing job the first time, I had her plan my trip to Bali the following year. Once again she did not disappoint. It was the best trip ever because of her. She helps with all the small things that you wouldn't think of when traveling to a new country. I will continue to use Lauren for all my travels! She is the best :)

Tammy Chamberlain

Lauren is great! With her infectious personality she has an incredible ability to inspire other travelers to get involved in new and different activities. Let me tell you it’s always something! I’m not sure where she gets the energy sometimes. I always found having Lauren around meant that we were going to meet some interesting people from some strange place with stories to tell. I’ve never met anyone with a passion for travel like hers.

Cameron Doueal

The first time you fly a $6,000 business class flight for FREE from Buenos Aires to the US, you'll get hooked. I had the good fortune to have Jay as my mentor and boy did I profit from his advice. I had a regular faraway destination, I flew - Uruguay - which cost me anywhere between $950-$1500 roundtrip from the USA. Jay has saved my husband and I at least $15,000 to date. And as a documentary filmmaker, I travel a ton to many destinations in and out of the USA, and Jay's continuing advice is invaluable to make it all nearly...free!

Isabelle Carbonell

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